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Who We Are

Asset Management Group has been recognized as one of Kansas City’s top commercial real estate firms, managing office, retail, industrial and multi-family property.  AMG continues to grow due to our focus on investment opportunities, property management, asset management, development and leasing.

Our Philosophy

We built the business on the basics of real estate investment strategy, with a 20-year foundation in the Kansas City market.  Not only do we know the product and environment, but we strive to be forward-thinking and utilize shrewd economic analysis to create the highest yield on only the best opportunities.

We pride ourselves in recruiting and training some of the best minds in the Kansas City area.  Because of this, we continue to grow and meet the high standards our investors have come to expect from the AMG team.

Property Management

Consistent and thorough property management is the foundation and core strength of AMG. Our team of property and facilities managers work side by side ensuring every property has the appropriate management procedures in place for both the tenants and owners.  The management of each type of property, from retail, to office or multi-family, requires attention to detail and specializations at which our staff excels.  Our managers maintain open communication between all parties involved, ensuring the needs of all are met, thus providing optimum performance out of the property.

Asset Management

While property management focuses on the day to day operations of the investment, Asset Management takes a higher level financial view of the property. Our managers focus on delivering long term yield and value through a deep understanding of capital markets, lease structures, market cycles and local market knowledge.  Navigating the right times to buy, sell, refinance or recapitalize an asset differentiates the commercial real estate firms that can produce consistent long term gains from those that blindly ride the market cycles.


Asset Management Group sponsors and syndicates commercial real estate investments in Kansas City and the areas surrounding.  Through careful financial analysis, AMG offers a variety of equity opportunities that generate consistent yield for investors.  Because of the varied opportunities available through AMG, investors are further able to diversify their commercial real-estate portfolio, thus providing a comprehensive long-term real estate investment strategy. Investment projections are determined through thorough analysis including stress testing, conservative underwriting, and market knowledge.  It is this shrewd analysis that attracts and reassures investors that their returns will be maximized and maintained at the highest levels.

AMG Leadership Team

Zach Batson

Zach Batson


(816) 666-8668

Joshua Greenlee

Joshua Greenlee

Vice President and Director of Operations

(816) 666-8727

Lucas Larson

Lucas Larson

Chief Financial Officer

(816) 666-9427

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