AMG's Alvin Edwards awarded with the 2021 OCTO Award

January 11th, 2021

Inheriting the OCTO Award plaque from our 2020 winner (the talented Holly Garringer), this person has exemplified all of the true makings of an Octo Award recipient as defined:

1)      Displays fortitude in the eyes of unsurmountable odds

2)      Demonstrates the ability to adapt to new circumstances rapidly

3)      Tackles new challenges as though he/she has 8 arms 

Beyond those traits, this person has been incredibly consistent and reliable from the very start. They consistently look for ways to better our processes and find solutions to help the team succeed, all without being asked to do so. As a foundational member of the commercial team at AMG as we know it today, this person leads their team with confidence and awareness, but without a shred of arrogance or cynicism (must be the country in them…). Their presence and leadership has become an invaluable asset over the last year at AMG and we look forward to seeing how they continue grow with the team in 2021.

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2021 Octo Award…. Alvin Edwards!

- Principal, Zach Batson


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