AMG's Catie Sullivan awarded Rookie of the Year for 2021

January 11th, 2021

Joining the ranks of our 2020 ROTY, Jake McCain, this person hit the ground running in their employment with AMG. Though this person has not even been with us for a full year, they have taken their given role and expanded it far beyond our expectations. Juggling the responsibilities of transition coordinator, assistant, business developer, event planner, process creator and marketing creator, this person is truly an Octo in training. Beyond their work in the office and out in the field, this person routinely goes out of their way to support their coworkers on a more personal level. Whether that means bringing banana bread (my personal favorite) and cookies to share on a business outing, or simply reaching out to their coworkers when they know they need it, the connections that this person forges are a perfect example of what makes AMG, well, AMG.

An enormous thank you and congratulations to our 2021 Rookie of the Year, Catie Sullivan!!

- Principal, Zach Batson


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